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Grignolino d'Asti -GRIGNOLINO.

PIANOALTO DI CRENA ESTATE At Agliano, in the heart of the Asti region, home of great Barbaras, the PianoAlto estate is a beautiful vineyards in the highest part of the hill of Crena. The land, with its southern exposure, is semi-flat and it can be easily identified thanks to the yellow farmhouse on its highest ridge, surrouned by tidy vineyards and the typical wooden poles. Here we produce strong and long-lasting reds, but also a GRIGNOLINO that we love for its anarchic yet pure character. Its vineyard is probably the oldest of the estate, with stocks that are over sixty years old and that have lost the exuberance typical of this varietal. It is not highly productive and expresses its potential in a sober and delicate way, resulting in a Grignolino of rare elegance, and even more so considering the limited number of bottles produced.
VINEYARD Varietal: Grignolino 100%
Vineyard: Old Vineyard of Crena at Agliano in Monferrato Astigiano Altitude: 250 metres a.s.l.
Exposure: South Soil: limestone with surface marls
Vine training technique: stretched Guyot
WINEMAKING The winemaking procedure of Grignolino is similar to that of Nebbiolo but shorter: nicely ripened grapes and mecerations that require great attention in order to obtain the best nuances of the delicate ruby red colour and the most pleasant tannins. Once fermatation is complete, the wine ages in steel vats and is then bottled in the spring.
WINE Grignolino is the natural claret of the Monferrato that takes its delicate colour from the grapes themselves and not in the cellar. It can be lightly chilled without losing its delicate floral bouquet of white pepper and dried roses. Distinctly savoury and dry, it is ideal with many dishes of the Piedmontese cuisine that pair nicely with a medium-bodied wine, such as several appetizers, fried vegetables and white meat.


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