Bava has always had a great passion for music, embodied in the labels and in the names of some of its best known wines: the Stradivario, Bass Tuba, Barbaresco (cello), Cor de Chasse and Barolo Scarrone (double bass).

In this 2013 Bava has supported the Orchestra Sinfonica of his hometown Asti in a great performance of Tosca which was held at Teatro Alfieri on 24 and 26 May.

Bava wines were paired to the main characters of “Tosca”: Tosca (Stefanna Kybalova) embodies the perfect sound of the Stradivarius and Mario Cavaradossi (Valter Borin) the one of the Cello Barbaresco, while Scarpia (Alberto Gazale) is identified with Barolo Scarrone doublebass.
Cor de Chasse was dedicated to the orchestra leader M° Marcello Rota and the sweet, soft and well rounded sound of Bass Tuba to the symphonic orchestra.

In the beautiful Libretto, the Orchestra Sinfonica di Asti declares: “We are the Orchestra Sinfonica di Asti, we are the sound of the wines of this land, we are Asti”.