A limited edition of our Barolo Scarrone 2011 to celebrate the partnership of Exclusive Brands Torino with the Monaco Pavilion on the occasion of the Dubai Expo.


Barolo DOCG cru Scarrone 2011 from the Bava family estate in Castiglione Falletto, a historic and rare vintage taken from the family reserve on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the winery. An elegant, balanced and long-lived wine, the result of a great terroir and low environmental impact approach in vineyard.


Participation at Expo Dubai 2020 as a Partenaire Officiel inside the Pavillon de Monaco represents a great opportunity for exposure and promotion on an international stage for our organisation,” declared Paolo Pininfarina, President of EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO. “This will help to further improve the performance of the network”.

Albert Croesi, General Commissioner Pavillon de Monaco, enthusiastically welcomed the preview of the limited edition products created by Exclusive Brands Torino for Expo Dubai and presented in Monaco by Giulio Trombetta and Roberto Pissimiglia representing the Network.



Along with the Principality of Monaco, we share the same values of internationality, exclusivity and excellence. We are therefore very proud to have enjoyed so much appreciation today and to have had the opportunity to promote high-level Made in Italy products around the world” commented Giulio Trombetta and Roberto Pissimiglia.

The “Limited Edition Expo 2020 Dubai” was specifically created following an agreement in 2019 and is made up of the products of the 13 companies in the Exclusive Brands Torino network which participate in the initiative, with a common cause.



The exclusive products will be exhibited in the Bookshop of the Pavillon de Monaco in Dubai and will be available for purchase in Italy and in the relevant markets of the Companies from June until the end of the international event.

Jewellery & Fashion, Food & Beverage, Textile, Beauty and Design are the sectors to which the products of this Limited Edition belong. In the table below the companies involved are listed with links to their website or e-shop and a brief description of their products.