Proudly, our company has been part of Exclusive Brands Torino, Piedmont’s first network of Made in Italy excellence companies, since 2011, when it was founded in Turin.

The network of productive excellence today includes 31 realities from different fields: from textiles to technology, from hospitality to high jewellery, from food and wine to aesthetics, to fashion.

The city’s industrial union supports the network. The goal is to promote and enhance the brands in the national and foreign markets, as well as to develop and support the excellence of Made in Italy present in the Piedmont territory, to spread the ‘know-how’ of Savoy and the culture of our territory worldwide.

ebt exclusive brands torino

Wine, but also jewellery, fashion, food, textiles, cosmetics, and design: these are the sectors to which the products of the collection belong, characterized by a standard graphic line inspired by the occasion. Along with Bava, the companies that had joined the creation of the line are Allemano, Costadoro, Allure Estetica, Galup, Pepino, Gobino, Lauretana, L’Opificio, Mattioli, Oscalito, Pininfarina, Quercetti, Vanni.

The Barolo DOCG cru Scarrone Bava in Limited Edition

Among the symbolic initiatives carried out in recent years, the ‘Limited Edition’ was created to celebrate the partnership between the network of high-end companies and the Monaco Pavilion during the World Expo in the United Arab Emirates.

To the collection, Bava dedicated an exclusive version of its own Barolo, Barolo DOCG cru Scarrone 2011 Limited Edition Expo 2020 Dubai.

gamma exclusive brands torino

Other initiatives are planned shortly, as anticipated by President Giulio Trombetta: ‘The common denominator is made of three fundamental points: product excellence, history, and internationalization.

In March 2024, on the occasion of the Horeca Expoforum 2024 at the Lingotto in Turin, Exclusive Brands Turin will be present with eight of its ten food companies: we want to make a group but also network by bringing together distributors and partners of the individual companies. There is an ongoing collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin to retain talent.

After Dubai 2020, the collaboration with the Principality of Monaco will be repeated to take part in the Expo of Osaka 2025“.

Exclusive Brands Torino