In the history of a family of winemakers, time is measured in harvests and in generations: every year, between late summer and autumn, we evaluate the result of the work of the previous months and with it the quality inherited from years – and centuries – of vine growing and winemaking. When all the elements find their equilibrium and a great wine is born, there is something to be proud of.

We selected, in the occasion of the first century of Bava winery, four wines expressing the soul of a terroir and a style, originated in single vineyards owned by the Bava family since generations and selected among the best vintages, now available in this prestigious, limited edition.

The Bava Century Collection will be presented at Vinexpo Hong Kong, 24th-26th May 2016, EF63 LEVEL 1.

PianoAlto Nizza Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2007), Stradivario Barbera d’Asti DOC Superiore (1993, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003), Scarrone Barolo DOCG cru (1996, 2000, 2006, 2007) and Alteserre Monferrato DOC bianco (2001, 2002, 2003): every 6 bottles wooden box contains two bottles each of three vintages chosen from this rich list, carefully sorted and stored for this special edition.

Every bottle got a special seal celebrating the first century of Bava Winery.
On each wooden cover we printed a high-definition serigraphy showing the single vineyard whose grape originated the wine in the box: the spectacular amphitheater of cru Scarrone, the beautiful Pieve vineyard in the untained whiteness of snow or in the summer glory, the gently sloping hill of PianoAlto in Crena.

PIANOALTO – The oldest vineyard of our family estate in Pianoalto in Crena produces the grapes used for PIANOALTO, a Barbera d’Asti Superiore that bears the designation Nizza, with a great body and an excellent ageing potential. This wine is unfiltered and only made in the best vintages.

STRADIVARIO – Stradivario is our flagship Barbera from grapes harvested in our vineyards in Cocconato. It is a wine of great elegance, intensity and richness, with a subtle vanilla scent, smooth and velvety on the palate. Unfiltered and only produced in best vintages.

SCARRONE – From our family vineyard and farm in Castiglione Falletto we release only in the best vintages our Barolo Cru Scarrone. It is made to offer the elegance and complexity of the vibrant notes of a double bass.

ALTESERRE – To produce this world class Piedmontese white wine we blended 80% of barrel-fermented Chardonnay and 20% of Cortese wine from steel vats to reinforce its freshness. Alteserre has stood the test of time and shows its best allure in fine dining.

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BAVA – Bava company has been harvesting for five generations, between Cocconato and Agliano in Monferrato and Castiglione Falletto in Langa, grapes that become high quality wines. Wines that witness the creativity, identity and design of the Italian taste in the world.
Pietro, Roberto, Paolo and Giulio Bava are the representatives of a wine family that since 1911 has made of sustainability an absolute production philosophy positively impacting both on the wines and the generating environment.