Wanting to taste typical Piedmontese wines is the perfect excuse to enjoy a visit to a wine cellar in the Monferrato or Langhe regions.

The experience becomes all the more engaging in the Bava wine cellar: during the visit, the history, culture and traditions that have accompanied our family for over 110 harvests are vividly recounted.

It is precisely to celebrate such a long history that we want to present to you our recently renovated wine cellar with a completely updated concept.

We like to imagine that the tour is a time machine, ready to transport you back through the decades inside our historic wine cellar in Cocconato, revealing along the way tales and points of interest, from the foundation of Cantina Bava up to the present day.

cantina storica Bava

The visit to the wine cellar

The wine cellar is the soul of our winery in the hills of Piedmont. The visit begins in the modern area where the steel fermentation tanks are located, and where it is also possible to browse some of the historical wine tasting menus that our family has proposed over the decades in various countries around the world .

In the next room you find the most important wines of our production, such as the Barbera Superiore Stradivario.

The old cement fermentation tanks, now in disuse, follow on which are accompanied by a collection of bottles, images of bygone days and labels from the past, which help to complete the story of the wines that can then be savoured during the tasting.

cantina storica Bava a Cocconato

Plan your visit to the cellar with an overnight stay

A visit to our historic wine cellar can be enriched with one of the many tasting itineraries designed to offer you the best food-wine pairings, allowing you to better understand the identity and character of our wines while enjoying some of the local delicacies.

For those who wish to dedicate a little more time to the beautiful Monferrato hills which surround the winery, it is possible to combine a visit to the wine cellar with an overnight stay in one of the Casa Brina suites: the perfect starting point for a weekend discovering Cocconato, listed as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, and for planning explorations further afield of the Monferrato and Langhe areas.


When is the best time to visit our wine cellar?

The Bava winery is open all year round for tours and for wine-tasting.

In spring and summer, it is possible to combine the visit with an apertivo in the vineyard, by participating in one of the many events organized amongst the rows of vines.

In autumn, the colours of the surrounding hills make the visit even more special: the surrounding landscape is painted with reds, yellows and oranges, a sight that you fall in love with.

vigneti monferrato langhe