Throughout December and the holiday season, the small villages and cities in Monferrato come alive with themed events and exhibitions: from Christmas markets to nativity scenes, there are many opportunities to enjoy a pleasant outing brightened by lights and decorations.

Here are some of the unmissable events.

The Christmas Market in Asti is among the Top Ten in Europe

The Asti Christmas market is not just like any market: it is the only one in Italy to have entered the Top Ten of the best Christmas markets in Europe, according to European Best Destinations.

mercatini di natale di Asti 2023

130 wooden chalets, arranged along the streets and squares of the historic centre, create an authentic Christmas Village where you can shop and taste local and European gastronomic specialities. The giant Christmas tree, the Ferris wheel, and the ice skating rink complete the festive atmosphere, which will animate Asti during the Holidays, from December 7 to 10 and from December 14 to 17.

Oro, Incenso e Mirra and the Over 100 Nativity Scenes of Cocconato

On Friday, December 8, the “Oro, Incenso e Mirra” exhibition will start, an artistic and cultural itinerary through the representations of the Nativity in 12 municipalities of the Asti area:

  • Aramengo
  • Camerano Casasco
  • Castagnole Lanze
  • Cocconato
  • Frinco
  • Grana
  • Isola d’Asti
  • Monale
  • Montegrosso d’Asti
  • Passerano Marmorito
  • San Damiano.

The nativity scenes will remain on display until January 6, 2024 (until the 7th in Monale and Passerano Marmorito), and will animate the streets and historical and cultural sites of the villages.

There will be many expressions of the Nativity, different in size, materials, and complexity on display.

In Cocconato, the collection of nativity scenes is vibrant.

cocconato il borgo e i suoi presepi

Walking through the village streets, you can discover “The Village and its Nativity Scenes”: a collection of over 100 creations displayed along the village streets or showcased in shop windows and house windows.

You can visit the Crochet Nativity Scene by Adriana Gandini at the Church of Santa Caterina. At the same time, the Municipal Hall on via Rosignano will host the “Christmas Lights” photo exhibition and the “Artists’ Nativity Scenes” exhibition: a collection of artisanal nativity scenes created by the master nativity scene makers of the ATP Association, Artisans of the Nativity Scene of Turin. The exhibitions will be open from December 8 to January 6, on the eve of holidays from 2:30 pm to 6 pm, on holidays from 11 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 6 pm.

Along the staircase leading to the parvis of the Parish Church, the Animated Nativity Scene with its life-size characters will be set up.


The Magical Nativity Scene by Anna Rosa Nicola at the Abbey of Vezzolano

Somebody can enrich the trip to Cocconato with a stop not far away: at the Abbey of Vezzolano, for 11 years, the now famous nativity scene by Anna Rosa Nicola has been set up, an artwork that spans 18 meters and contains more than 200 characters, 78 scenes, and 50 traditional trades.

The work, rich in details and features, can be visited until February 4, from Friday to Sunday and on holidays from 10 am to 5 pm, on December 25, from 10 am to 12:30 pm and from 3:30 pm to 5 pm, on weekdays by reservation for groups of at least 10 people; closed on Mondays.

Christmas at the Bava Winery: Unique Pairings of Wines and Books

Even in our wine shop in Cocconato, in via Stazione 1, we are preparing to celebrate Christmas with an initiative that will accompany us until the Holidays. In our shop, we have hosted Davide Ruffinengo, the bookseller of Profumi per la Mente, who has selected 6 unique pairings of Bava wines and books.

abbinamento vino e libri

Throughout December, you can let yourself be guided by his advice and embark on a sensory journey that combines literary works and wines to be enjoyed while reading.

We are waiting for you in our wine shop for a unique wine and literary experience.