The long Easter weekend is a magical time for the UNESCO World Heritage hills of Monferrato and Langhe. They awake in an explosion of colours and life, offering the chance to spend a day or even just a few hours of tranquillity and carefreeness. Here are some ideas for organizing a perfect Easter and Easter Monday weekend in Monferrato and Langhe.

Visiting Cities and Museums in Langhe and Monferrato

The Easter weekend can be an opportunity to visit the main cities of Langhe and Monferrato. Destinations like Asti, Casale Monferrato, Alba, or even Nizza Monferrato reveal themselves as invaluable architectural and cultural heritage keepers. Walking through the centre’s streets, among alleys, squares, houses, and shops will lead to admiring the richness of architectural details often hidden from the hurried daily glance.

asti, città da visitare nel weekend di Pasqua in Monferrato e Langhe

These “urban excursions” can then be enriched by cultural explorations, taking advantage of museums and other points of interest openings. Each visit becomes a unique opportunity to dive deep into the territory’s roots and millenary stories, from the collections of art galleries to the historical artefacts of archaeological museums.

A Trip Among Ancient Villages and Castles to Visit Between Monferrato and Langhe

It is not only vineyards that define the contours of the hills in Lower Piedmont. The profile of ancient villages and their castles also contributes to drawing the fascinating landscape.

And how can one organize a weekend between Monferrato and Langhe without adding to their itinerary the visit to a castle and the discovery of some enchanting village?

Weekend di Pasqua nelle Langhe, visita al Castello di Grinzane Cavour

In both cases, the choice is vast! Some examples could be the Grinzane Cavour Castle, which also houses the Langhe Museum, or the Serralunga d’Alba Castle near Alba and the Cortanze Castle, just a few minutes from Cocconato.

And precisely, Cocconato is a proper example of a village to visit and discover. Of ancient medieval origins and listed among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, Cocconato offers its visitors a concentration of historical and natural beauties. Along the centre’s streets, you encounter historical buildings like the ancient pharmacy, the porticos of the town hall, or the ancient tower. The walk continues to the parish church at the town’s highest point, where you can catch an incredible view of the surrounding hilly landscape.

cocconato borghi più belli d'italia

A Traditional Easter Lunch in Monferrato

The Easter weekend in Monferrato or Langhe is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local enogastronomy, taste traditional dishes, and discover the great wines of the territory.

However, limiting yourself to the traditional Easter lunch would be a pity. The enogastronomic experiences to be had here are endless, and a tasting of the great wines of Monferrato and Langhe is the perfect complement to a fresh spring weekend.

From cozy trattorias where you can relive the genuine flavors of the past to elegant restaurants and bistros that masterfully reinterpret local ingredients, the territory knows how to pamper the palate of every visitor.

Easter Monday Picnic in Monferrato

Easter Monday is synonymous with outdoor picnics, and with places to choose from where to spread a plaid among the meadows or set up a picnic area table, there are plenty of choices. And Cocconato is no exception!

pic nic di pasquetta nel monferrato alla vigna della pieve di cocconato

Just a stone’s throw from Cantina Bava, Alberone Park is a lovely place where nature reigns supreme, perfect for a spring picnic. Another place we are particularly fond of is the Bricco della Pieve vineyard, a historic vineyard of Cocconato that wraps around the picturesque Romanesque church of Madonna della Neve and creates a perfect scenario for a picnic.

Easter Weekend in Monferrato at Casa Brina

Casa Brina, the cultural farmhouse of the Bava family, welcomes its guests in the heart of Cocconato. Its suites for two or four people become an excellent solution for spending a pleasant Easter weekend in Monferrato.

The accommodations at Casa Brina are perfect for those looking for a solution that offers privacy and independence, thanks to a kitchen area in each. So, after Easter lunch, Casa Brina becomes the refuge for a relaxing evening to recharge the batteries before resuming Monferrato explorations on Easter Monday.