Last February 18th, with Francesca Bava, the sixth generation of the family, our company took part in the “Sbarbatelle” event organized by AIS Lazio at the A. Roma Hotel in Rome, for a special edition of the event born in 2017 from an idea by Paolo Poncino, delegate of Ais Asti.

francesca bava a sbarbatelle a roma 2024

“I participate with pride in this appointment, the first of this size outside the borders of Piedmont. Sbarbatelle has evolved from an event to a real movement of young female producers from all over Italy, who, on this occasion, meet to present their wines and stories. We all come from different experiences; some, like me, inherit a long tradition, but some young oenologists and producers have started their activity alone. Many challenges unite us, and we all participate enthusiastically in this new opportunity for meeting and sharing.”

sbarbatelle a roma 2024

Bava Wines at Sbarbatelle 2024, in Rome

For this special edition, we wanted to bring to taste our Serre di San Pietro Monferrato Nebbiolo Superiore DOC and Pianoalto Nizza DOCG.

Serre di San Pietro can be considered one of the most representative wines of the Bava family, as it comes from one of the most historic vineyards in Cocconato. The wine has the character and fragrance of the essential reds of this territory. Elegance and structure are harmoniously reconciled, enhancing the fragrance and freshness of the great Nebbiolos.

It is characterized by floral nuances related to violet and wild rose, with a fruity note that emerges secondarily along with the pleasant perception of wood.

Pianoalto Nizza DOCG, on the other hand, comes from the homonymous property of Pianoalto, which hosts magnificent Barbera vineyards gathered around the farmhouse on the hill from which you can enjoy the view of the village of Agliano and its thermal springs in the valley.

The importance of the soil and the position in the final reflections of the wine are the reasons that gave birth to the cru of Pianoalto. This Nizza DOCG has an intense and complex bouquet, in which fruity sensations prevail, one above all the blackcurrant pulp, and a marked spicy component of pepper and tobacco.