May 11, 2024, will be a memorable date for our company and the entire Monferrato wine region.

During the 18th edition of “Golosaria among the Castles of Monferrato”, held at Casa Pisopo in Fubine, just under Enosis Meraviglia, the “Wine of the Village” project was presented. This initiative was conceived by Donato Lanati, the founding enologist of Enosis, sponsored by the Municipality of Casale Monferrato, and made possible by the staff of Il Golosario by Paolo Massobrio.

In addition to the producers of the 21 products awarded the title of “Wine of the Village” and the organizers, the event was also attended by the mayors of the respective production municipalities, confirming that this is a project aimed at connecting each wine to its territory, making it a vehicle for culture and identity.

“Wine of the Village” is an authentic brand capable of identifying wines with distinctive character, becoming the ultimate destination of a sustainable adventure lived in the territory where they are born.

vino del villaggio monferrato 2024 golosaria

All this happens during a time of particular excitement for our hills: Ricevin has named the Gran Monferrato and Alto Piemonte areas the Europenan Wine City 2024. Although it does not geographically include the municipality of Cocconato, from March to November, Gran Monferrato and Alto Piemonte areas will host many wine-themed events, destined to attract interest in the rest of Monferrato as well, as evidenced, in some way, by the “Wine of the Village” initiative.

As if this were not enough, 2024 also marks another important anniversary for Monferrato enology: the centenary of Federico Martinotti’s death, the enologist from Villanova Monferrato who invented the revolutionary Martinotti Method for producing sparkling wine.

The idea behind “Wine of the Village,” the objective in Lanati’s mind, was to identify those wines that could “combine the culture, history, and image of the landscape of a territory with an identity, thus creating a cultural axis that starts from Morbelli towards Pelizza da Volpedo through Carrà, but also links the territories of the Wine Capital 2024, namely Gran Monferrato and Alto Piemonte, passing through the markers of Benedictine monasticism in agriculture!” – as the enologist declared.

Wines were selected for their quality, guaranteed by tastings and analyses conducted by the Enosis Center, Paolo Massobrio, and Donato Lanati himself.

The Village Wine Bava

We at Bava are proud to have, among our wines, one of the 21 named Village Wines. It is our Monferrato DOC Nebbiolo Superiore Serre di San Pietro, a wine that originates from one of the historic vineyards of the Bava family, the Cadodo vineyard in Tuffo (a hamlet of Cocconato), capable of expressing the typical characteristics that our territory imparts in the most authentic red wines: elegance, structure, fragrance, and freshness.

Serre di San Pietro - Nebbiolo Bava Monferrato

Various factors were considered to identify the village wines, such as the enotourism experiences offered by the producing winery and the pairing of the wine with a relevant historical-cultural itinerary.

Recognizing the village wines in the winery, restaurant, or wine shop is easy: each bottle will have an adhesive rosette bearing the “Wine of the Village” logo. The same logo will also be present in restaurants, hotels, and commercial activities along the artistic, historical, and cultural itinerary, allowing wine tourists to discover the vital connection between Monferrato and viticulture.

Visit us at the Bava winery to taste Serre di San Pietro, our Village Wine, and discover how, starting from a simple tasting, you will begin to better know the territory and the hills from which it takes shape, the same ones we have been caring for over six generations and more than 110 harvests.

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