A sweet, sparkling Valentine’s day with Malvasia Rosè Bava.

The grapes that produce this exquisitely delicate spumante are known as Malvasia di Schierano characterized by minute bunches of red, aromatic berries and produced in only a few municipalities in the northern part of the province of Asti. The Bava family has worked hand in glove with local winegrowers for over 60 years in order to ensure good results with this variety.

Aside from the fact that it is a great DOC, this wine is excellent as a cocktail and aperitif ingredient. The Bava Malvasia Rosé, produced as a sparkling wine in the late ‘70’s, pioneered the sweet aromatic rosé spumante trend that later was extended to include the better-known Brachetto.

Today, this bottle is an icon in its class, displayed prominently in the best wine shops and a source of prestige for the Bava brand.