Our Moscato is grown in the production area of Alta Langa, vineyards at a higher altitude on cooler hills with good atmosfheric temperature range
promoting the creation of terpenes and aromas. Moscato D’Asti DOCG Bava maintains the originai grape aroma fragrant and intact: a ba lance between the sweetness and the freshness of its natural liveliness. Great to finish a meal, it pairs elegantly with a dessert; its low alcohol content
makes it a delicious natural drink to be consumed nicely chilled on any occasion, and also as ingredient of refreshing cocktails. The richness in
sugar, the low alcohol content and the intense aromatic fragrance make it the best ingredient for a refreshing sorbet.


Varietal: Canelli White Moscato 100%
Altitude: over 250 metres a.s.l.
Soil: limestone
Vine training technique: guyot


For this Moscato, like for our reserve wines , the grapes are picked, arranged in cases and pressed fresh. The aromatic free-run must is then let
to decant naturally at cold temperatures and stored until re-fermentation, that is done in steel vats.


Strongly aromatic with an explosive bouquet of flowers and fruit. The palate is intense, sweet and persistent with balanced acidity. The little
bubbles harmoniously match its sweetness and complete its elegance by bringing in the glass the essence and the fragrance of the grapes of origin.