Cocconato, origins and present

It's in Cocconato that starts the story of the Bava family. Here it's where our Stradivario is born, but it's even the native land of our white wines and local red wines.

Pianoalto, the Barbera

In the Pianoalto estate, in Agliano Terme, a vineyard warmed by the sun on the summit of the hill gives birth to our Barbera Libera and PianoAlto, the Nizza DOCG.

Cascina Scarrone, the great Nebbiolo

Cascina Scarrone, at the edge of the village of Castiglione Falletto, is dedicated to the winemaking and refining of our nebbiolo, among which stands out the rare Barolo cru Scarrone.

Aromatic wines from Piemonte

Natives and unique. Piemonte offers an incredible variety of flavors, to savour in the festive moments in these four different shades.

Piemonte is white

Native white grapes and international varieties carefully selected for these fresh and surprisingly intense wines.