Barolo is one of the most liked and appreciated Piedmontese wines both in Italy and around the world, so much so that it has earned the sobriquet “the King of wines“. The correct serving temperature, the right glass, but also the right food, are all details that cannot be overlooked in order to be able to best appreciate “His Majesty” Barolo.

The question “What to eat with Barolo?” however, requires an answer that starts with an examination of the distinctive characteristics of the chosen wine, using them as a basis in the search for the most balanced food-wine pairing.

First of all, it is necessary to start from the knowledge that there is no such thing as “A Barolo”, bu there are many different expressions of Barolo, all of which can be best enhanced by different dishes.

In the case of our Barolo Scarrone DOCG, for example, we are dealing with a broad and complex wine, characterized by a full bodied flavour, with firm but sweet tannins.

Let’s see the 3 best pairings that allow you to really appreciate a bottle of Barolo with these characteristics.

barolo vigna

From the characteristics of Barolo to the rules of pairing

Barolo Scarrone DOCG comes from the single high quality vineyard, cultivated in Castiglione Falletto, where the excellent exposure to the sun favours the ripening of the grapes and where a terroir rich in marl and sand guarantees elegant wines that age sublimely.

It is characterized by a garnet colour with a rich bouquet of tobacco, roses and violets, which generally characterize the younger Barolos, where the profile of the Nebbiolo grape is well defined.

Secondly, there is no shortage of fruity aromas, elements of plants from the undergrowth and the spicy bouquet typical of longer ageing, which can be found, in different proportions, in all bottles of Barolo.

Barolo pairings: examples of gastronomic combinations

In the light of the characteristcs just highlighted, we can choose 3 pairings with traditional Piedmontese dishes that use Barolo as an ingredient. In this way, we will be sure to create a balance between what we taste from the food and from the glass of wine.

In these examples, an important rule is to use the same wine for preparing the dish as well as to accompany it, in order to accentuate the harmony.

If this is not possible, it is better to complement the wine in the glass by choosing a younger or less structured Barolo for the preparation of the dish.

1. Brasato al Barolo

Among the Barolo recipes which are from the Piedmontese tradition, il Brasato al Barolo really stands out, a dish very much favoured by the Marquise Giulia Colbert. She, it seems, was the person who at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, created Barolo’s fame as a fine wine. Previously, in fact, it was a light wine and considered unsuitable for ageing.

Today, Barolo is the wine of choice for the preparation of this full-flavoured meat dish.

brasato al barolo

2. Cinghiale al civet (Wild Boar)

Game-based second courses are always excellent companions to Barolo, because, in addition to presenting a great aroma, capable of supporting the persistent flavours of the wine, they are often cooked with the addition of spices, which combine harmoniously with the same hints found in an aged Barolo.

Not only that: the succulence of a game-based dish will be compensated by the tannins and alcohol content of a Barolo, which leave the mouth clean and ready for the next bite.

Hence, “Cinghiale al Civet”, a dish similar to braised meat in preparation, becomes an ideal choice for accompanying a glass of Barolo.

3. Faraona ripiena (Stuffed guinea fowl)

Stuffed guinea fowl allows you to appreciate all the flavours of Barolo Scarrone DOCG, since the traditional recipe calls for the use of two glasses of Barolo, sliced truffles, Bra sausage and a good dose of pepper for the filling.

A perfect combination for both young and more mature wines.

You can learn more about the characteristics of Barolo Scarrone DOCG from the technical data sheet and inspire yourself for further pairings.

Do you want to learn more about other food/wine pairings, to best complement the many distinctive flavours found in our wines?

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