Cocconato is a small village of medieval origin located a few kilometres from Asti (Piedmont).

The village is also known as “the Monferrato Riviera”, due to its mild climate, which allows plants typical of maritime areas to grow, such as palm trees and olive trees.

But this is not its only uniqueness. Cocconato is an ideal destination for those who love to explore old villages with fascinating traces of history, enjoy green landscapes as far as the eye can see, and  discover traditional wine and food.

Here’s what to see and the unmissable events.

cocconato borghi più belli d'italia

What to see in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Located 50 km from Turin and 150 km from Milan, Cocconato is an ideal destination for a day or a weekend in the green hills of Monferrato.

The Bava winery is located just outside the village. To reach it, stay on Strada Monferrato, keeping the winery on the left, and continue for about 3 km.

The Bava wine cellar is located right on the outskirts of the village: there have been more than 100 vintages in the Bava family since Giuseppe Bava inaugurated the hotel with restaurant, ballroom and wine cellar next to the Asti – Chivasso railway line that was being built in the hills, just a stone’s throw from the station. Soon, the railway would allow easier transport and trade on the Turin route, facilitating exchanges and meetings.

We recommend two possible routes to the historic centre: the tree-lined avenue built in the 19th century, once the main access route into the village.

It is reached from Corso Pinin Giachino and, running along the outside of the town, it allows you to observe, step by step, both the town centre and the vineyards on the surrounding hills.

The second route starts instead from Piazza Cavour, which is overlooked by bars and shops selling typical products. From here, you can take Via Roma up the hill.

Along the way, you will find many buildings of historical interest, such as the eighteenth-century pharmacy and the narrow Gothic-style porticoes of the town hall.


It is impossible not to notice the ancient tower, with its fairytale charm, today part of a private building.

The climb leads to the most scenic destination: the large parish church, which stands atop the hill.

Built in 1689, it shows us traces of the original construction and the subsequent interventions up to the nineteenth-century expansion, resulting in the current standing structure. The view of the Monferrato landscape from here is always incredible, but it becomes even more picturesque at dusk, when the sun sets behind the peak of Monviso.

Just outside Cocconato there is a place to which we are particularly attached: the Pieve della Madonna della Neve.

Perched on top of the hill, the little church is encompassed by our vineyards and the green area that surrounds it: In summer, it becomes the romantic venue for our aperitifs in the vineyard: a unique opportunity to taste our wines, right there among the rows from which they are harvested!

cosa vedere in un weekend nel monferrato

Cocconato: the events

Cocconato merits a visit at any time of the year: in spring, with the first warm days and the fragrant blossoms that permeate through the village; in summer, when the hills shine with their most intense green; in autumn, when they light up in reds and oranges; in winter, when the Christmas lights create an ever so romantic atmosphere.

You can organize your trip to coincide with the town’s main events. Here’s what they are.

The Fair of San Marco

Scheduled for the 25th of April 2023, the fair brings the main local food and wine producers to the historic centre streets – a very delectable way to familiarize yourself with the Langhe and Monferrato.

The Donkey Palio

It is usually scheduled for the 4th weekend of September. It is a historical re-enactment in which, during the first day, an authentic medieval fair comes to life. On the second day, the donkey race is held, with different teams representing the individual districts of the village.

Coconut Wine

September is also the month dedicated to wine, with Cocco Wine. The event is dedicated to local wines, with many events in the historic village centre and the surrounding wine cellars.

Visit our historic cellar in Cocconato

bava visita cantina storica cocconato

Last but not least, we suggest an unmissable stop on your trip to Cocconato: wine tasting in our historic cellar, where it is possible to retrace the steps of over 110 years of wine-making tradition.

Among historical archives and thematic tastings, we are ready to offer you the best food and wine pairings. We will take you on a journey that will help you better understand the identity and character of our wines and those of our territory.