In autumn, the vineyards and woods of Piedmont light up with a thousand shades. It is time for foliage, a word that refers to the splendid variations of colours that the leaves display during this season.

It is one of the most evocative periods to visit the hills of Piedmont and the Monferrato area.

Where to see the foliage in Monferrato

With its ancient historic centre and fascinating hilly landscapes, the small village of Cocconato, included in the list of Italy’s most beautiful villages, is an ideal destination for combining cultural, naturalistic, and food and wine experiences during the weeks of foliage.

foliage nei vigneti del Piemonte

Foliage in the Alberone Park

Near Cocconato, Alberone Park is a perfect place to admire the full, rich palette of autumn colours. Over 150 varieties of native plants live here. This oasis of biodiversity hosts a circular route of about 2.5km, which is easily walkable.

Inside the area are three stations with informative panels, where one can enjoy an autumn picnic and discover curiosities about the park, the plants and animal species that live here.

A walk along the Serre road in Tuffo

From Cocconito, a hamlet of Cocconato, one can take the Serre road, which leads to the hamlet of Tuffo. Walking on the beautiful path that runs along the ridge of the hill, one can admire the autumn colours of the landscape while reaching the Tuffo vineyard near the church

At the end of the path, inside the village of Tuffo, there is also a rest area for campers (Serre Road, 2), an excellent starting point for those who want to explore the surroundings by camper.

foliage in Piemonte

The Bava family has always had a strong connection with the Serre road in Tuffo because the first farmhouse (Ca’ Traversa) is on the path.

Even in the past, this road was significant for its positioning. All the adjacent lands were particularly fertile and suitable for cultivation.

Today, the area is rich in woods and meadows, currently, the Bava family owns the only remaining vineyard along the road, from which we produce our Serre di San Pietro Monferrato DOC Nebbiolo.

Foliage in the Pieve Vineyard

We recommend a place to which we are particularly attached. The vineyard of Bricco della Pieve is a historic vineyard of Cocconato, climbing the slopes of a gentle hill on which the Romanesque church of Madonna della Neve stands.

Here, it is possible to admire the foliage among the rows and let one’s gaze chase the vivid shades of the surrounding hills.

The Alberone Park, the Serre Road, and the Bricco della Pieve vineyard can be reached, one after the other, via a circular route of about 11 km, suitable for mountain biking and trekking.

foliage in monferrato

Foliage and Tastings in Monferrato

The day dedicated to foliage finds its perfect conclusion with a tasting of wines born from the colourful rows encountered along the way.

In our historic cellar in Cocconato, you can choose from different tasting routes, to complete the journey of discovery of the identity of the territory.