“When it comes to Piedmont at the table, the most spontaneous association is that with Barolo and the White Truffle of Alba, but there is much more. We want to go beyond Barolo and Truffle, Piedmont is more than that”.

Roberto Bava, owner together with the family of the Bava di Cocconato winery, in the Asti area, founded in 1911.

So go ahead for Barbera, Moscato, Ruché, Alta Langa DOCG and traditional Piedmontese aromatised wines such as Vermouth and Barolo Chinato, but also cheeses, rice, fresh pasta – from tajarin to agnolotti -, mushrooms, the best meat, hazelnuts, chocolate.


Bava hosted chefs and sommeliers from Finland and Greece in the cellar, accompanied them in the vineyards between Monferrato and Langa, visiting the paddies and cheese factories, in the kitchens of local chefs to discuss recipes and techniques together, partecipated with them at the Cooking Shows and at the Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba, guided tastings, studying gastronomic inspirations and pairings with the wines of the two family cellars – Bava and Giulio Cocchi – . Now it’s time to try the result of these days spent discovering Piedmontese tastes and flavors.

In these days, the first five “Piemonte beyond Barolo & Truffles” concept dinners, created to celebrate the Piedmontese culinary tradition at 360 °, will take place in the respective restaurants.
Through the “Piemonte Beyond Barolo & Truffles” concept, Bava guides chefs and foreign sommeliers to discover lesser-known aspects, techniques and ingredients of the Piedmontese culinary tradition, always putting seasonality at the center.

Kick off on 13 October at the Fiasco? Restaurant in Helsinki, with chefs Henri Alén and Viljami Broas and sommelier Heidi Martikainen. On 13 and 14 October a second dinner will be held at Turku’s Gustavo Restaurant, with chef Markus Rautala and sommelier Lina Isaksson. On October 15th, chefs Jani Lehtinen and Jani Hujunen will cook at the Bucco Restaurant in Pori.



The appointment in Greece instead is for 5 November, in Athens, with the chef Asterios Koustoudis and the sommelier Evangelos Psofidis of the Hotel Grande Bretagne.


BAVA CONCEPT DINNERS – There are long-standing links between the Bava winery and gastronomy.

An interest, that for the kitchen, which has always been alive in the family, so much so that the winery was born, in 1911, as “Albego – Ristorante” next to the Cocconato under construction train station. Faithful to this spirit, Roberto Bava has created over time dozens of menus for his legendary Concept Dinners, which have thrilled gourmets from five continents. For each of these events, Bava created a menu, carefully constructed with the chefs and sommeliers involved and designed with the collaboration of artists and designers, always different, always printed in Italy, in a limited and numbered edition. Framed and hung on the cellar walls, these menus are today tangible proof of an inexhaustible creativity.
Each Bava concept dinner is unique. Elements of different nature enrich the food and wine combinations: music, art, colors, scents, design, constantly discovering the emotional links between taste and other senses.

A collection of flavors, ingredients, combinations, but also places, cultures, people who have entered the history of the company and day after day, event after event, have helped to make it grow.