“Breeding” is a word that evokes patience and dedication, in which a particular form of love also lurks.

Vines, like children, are bred: to grow well, they need care.

During the winter season, when even the last leaf has fallen, and the plant is preparing for dormancy, it’s time for pruning.

With pruning shears in hand, the vintner patiently works to guide the growth of the plant, giving it shape and directing the production for the next harvest.

In the vineyard, each vine requires special attention. Each cut must be carefully thought out before being made: the development of the plant and its clusters depends on it.

During pruning, the winegrower removes the shoots that have already produced or are diseased, making room for new, more vigorous ones.

With tying, the shoots are secured to wire trellises that will support the growth of new buds, ensuring a uniform distribution of the precious sap, which provides energy for the leaves and clusters of the next harvest.