It’s November: in Piedmont, it’s time for Bagna Cauda.

Among the most important dishes of Monferrato and all of Piedmont, bagna cauda is celebrated every year between November and December, with Bagna Cauda Day: the perfect opportunity to dive into the scents and flavours of tradition.

The event will last not only one day, but six: November 24, 25, and 26, and December 1, 2, and 3.

Bagna Cauda Day 2023

Those who want to indulge in a traditional bagna cauda but are still determining where to go will be spoilt for choice during Bagna Cauda Day. The event will be the largest collective bagna cauda in the world.

bagna cauda day

During the event, the legendary sauce and the classic accompanying vegetables will be served simultaneously in more than 150 establishments, including restaurants, wineries, and farm stays, with a total seating capacity exceeding 20,000.

Although most participating venues are concentrated in Monferrato, Bagna Cauda Day can be celebrated in Langhe, Roero, Turin, and the rest of Piedmont, with a few exceptions in Aosta Valley and Liguria.

Piedmontese abroad will also have the opportunity to celebrate one of the oldest culinary traditions of the region and virtually return home, even if only for a few moments.

Thus, Piedmontese working in Shanghai, China, will be able to celebrate Bagna Cauda Day, as will those in various European capitals and America.

This year’s novelty is the participation of Slow Food and its Alliance of Cooks, which commits restaurateurs who join the project to prepare their bagna cauda by choosing ingredients from presidia products.

As always, to cater to everyone’s taste, bagna cauda will be offered in different versions, indicated by a specific traffic light system. Thus, red will correspond to the traditional version; yellow, the heretic, with tempered garlic; and green, the atheist, without garlic. For those who wish, some venues will also offer the “gran finale” with the addition of white truffle shavings.


Bagna Cauda Day is conceived and organised by the Associazione Astigiani.

Bava at Bagna Cauda Day

As always, we will actively support Bagna Cauda Day and participate by offering our Barbera d’Asti DOCG Libera as an accompaniment to the bagna cauda during the six days of celebrations.

barbera monferrato in abbinamento al tartufo

Not only that but together with the Associazione Astigiani, we also support the scholarship program dedicated to Luciano Nattino. The project, whose first edition closed last September, is endowed with a financial fund divided into several research scholarships.

The fields of interest can be varied: events and personalities from political, cultural, agricultural, economic, religious, and sports life that have originated from or have significant points of contact with the territory of Astigiano, Langa, Roero, and Monferrato.