Albarossa is a Piedmontese grape varietal obtained by a crossbreed of Nebbiolo di Dronero (Chatus) for Barbera created in 1938 by Professor Giovanni Dalmasso, in search of new varietals combining the elegance of Nebbiolo and the freshness of Barbera; from the blend of these two grapes, Dalmasso found many different clones but only the one named «xv/31» showed the superior quality that satisfied his expectations. Professor Dalmasso renamed this clone with the more romantic name of Albarossa. In the past ten years, Albarossa became significantly widespread for the first time with new vineyards being planted with pure Albarossa grapes and with the recognition of the DOC appellation.

We decided to confide in the vineyard and since 2008 we produce this Albarossa intense and fruity in our Cocconato vineyard.
Rosingana is the half-hill that, from the Pieve farm of Cocconato, gently slopes to the fields of Marcellina. The vineyards are warm, facing south-west, with limestoned fertile soils that yield the most deep, coloured and structured wines of our winery.


Varietal: Albarossa 100%
Vineyard: Rosingana, in Cocconato
Altitude: 350 metres a.s.l.
Soil: clay and limestone
Vine training technique: low spurred cordon


From fully riped grapes, the fermentation of this wine lasts about ten days. The wine, which is mostly very colourful, is then left resting within steel vats with periodic transfers and bottled only one year after the harvest. Care and attention during Albarossa vinification are fundamental to control its strength and exuberance and avoid the strongest tannins.


Monferrato is the best territory for fragrant and fruity wines as Albarossa; gorgeous red colour, dark and intense, fresh and fruity nose with scents of red fruit compote. The mouth is strong and enveloping, tannins are sweet reminding of Barbera, yet strong like in the best Nebbiolos. The alcohol content enhances its sweetness. It is a well structured wine that matches well with brown stock or truffle risotto, as well as red meats and cheese.