TERROIR VINEYARDS AND CELLAR The soil is the soul of the terroir but the brain of the plant is in its roots. When looking at a plant all we can see is the less important part – the soil is the soul of the terroir. The soil provides the energy and the climate the intensity but the brain of the plant is in its roots that are able to create a great fruit through what the soil offers them.
The combination of soil and Nebbiolo has made Castiglione Falletto the heart, not only geographically, of the production of Barolo. Here we have our farmhouse and cellar where since always we have been producing our wine in the respect of its original identity and allowing the terroir to give the wine its own personal touch. We want our Barolo to express the true soul of Nebbiolo without being influenced by more or less modern trends of schools of thought. Our Barolo simply wants to taste like Barolo from Castglione Falletto. Period!


Varietal: Nebbiolo 100%
Vineyard: Vineyards exclusively in the municipality of Castiglione Falletto
Altitude: 300 metres a.s.l.
Soil: white limestone and clay
Vine training technique: Guyot


It is the last grape varietal to be harvested when the grapes are nicely ripened and the tannins softer. Fermentation with maceration lasts 15 days in the barrels, and malo-lactic fermentation right after to take advantage of the temperature and the reduced environment of the recently completed fermentation. At the end of the winter, in order to control its power, the wine is partly racked into 50-hectolitre-barrels and partly into the old barriques where it will stay for three years.
Bottling takes place in the summer.


In the Nebbiolo the colour of the anthocyanins is easily released and remains delicate. However, Barolo, right from its first years of life, has a marvellous garnet red colour that is never too strong; the bouquet reminds of scents of spices, violet, cocoa, truffles. It is a top quality wine thanks to its remarkable tannins that soften with ageing.

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